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Innova Champion Discs

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It is virtually impossible to play disc golf without knowing about Innova – the number one manufacturer of disc golf products, responsible also for the creation of the type of discs that you are throwing today. Before Innova, disc golf was played with discs that were more similar to a traditional frisbee®, which aren’t made to be thrown as far as golf discs. All that changed and the future of disc golf was taken on a new track when Dave Dunipace, the founder and lead disc designer of Innova, introduced a new patented bevel edged disc. That disc was called ”Eagle” and the same mold is still sold worldwide under the name Aero.

Innova has been the technological forerunner without a real challenger in sight. This is represented by the fact that more world championships have been won with Innova discs than any other manufactures’ discs combined. Innova is still on the track of cutting edge innovations with it’s latest technology: Blizzard Champion plastic, which helped David Wiggins Jr to set the new distance world record of 255 meters with a 134 gram Blizzard Champion Boss. The old world record, 250 meters, was held for nearly a decade by Swedish Christian Sandström with Innova’s Valkyrie driver.

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