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Discmania Golf Discs

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Discmania Golf Discs is a 100 percent Finnish owned disc golf brand. Discmania discs are manufactured in California, U.S.A. by the worlds largest and most experienced actor on the field of disc golf, Innova Champion Discs. The discs are designed by the Discmania founder Jussi Meresmaa with assistance of Innova’s lead designer Dave Dunipace. Dave D is also known as the inventor of modern disc golf, which is no small feat.

”Reinvent your game” is the ideology of Discmania, which shows as a fresh view on disc golf. Everything from products, marketing to Discmania’s instructional videos are carefully planned to carry out this renewing way of thinking. Why do something if it has been done by someone else? The mission of Discmania is to be the smartest and most credible disc golf brand and so far it has succeeded in this mission with flying colors.

Discmania equips beginners and world class superstars with all the discs that they need for disc golf. Many of world’s best players use Discmania golf discs, Avery Jenkins, Ken Climo, Paul McBeth and Finnish Champion 2012 Leo Piironen among others. In addition to discs, you’ll find the highest quality shirts and other disc golf apparel, which you set you up for a birdie when you take your first step on the teepad.

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