Flat Top DX Rocs are back - Grab yours here!

Flat Top DX Rocs are back - Grab yours here!

Mystery Box

Update July 15th at 10:20: All Mystery Boxes of the summer season have been sold out. Thank you to those who placed orders and apologies for those who missed out. We are already working hard to bring a substantially higher volume of Mystery Boxes available for the winter campaign. By subscribing to our newsletter, you'll stay in the know about hot new releases like Mystery Boxes.

Please note that at the moment our order processing queue is very long. This means that on some orders, the processing times may be longer than expected. We're working hard to get your order moving your way as fast as possible!

Update July 15th at 10:20: The sales of the final Mystery Boxes of the summer season will begin shortly. Before the products go live, the bottom part of the page will display text stating "That's a bogey for us. Unfortunately there's nothing to see here." Once the products sell out, the same text will re-appear. We'll do our best to update the information on the page when the products sell out.

Update July 14th: Discmania 3rd Edition Mystery Boxes become available on Wednesday, July 15th

Please read: All the info you need for the upcoming releases can be found here ->

Update July 8th: All Mystery Box releases to date have been sold out. We'll inform about the details of the 3rd and final Mystery Box release on Tuesday. July 14th, if not earlier. The popularity of these boxes has exceeded all expectations and as the supply is only a fraction of the demand, this is naturally a frustrating situation for all parties. Unfortunately the case will be the same for the 3rd Edition releases, so if you're planning to get one, please understand that the odds will most likely be against you.

Update July 1st: The 1st Edition Discmania Mystery Boxes sold out in 2 minutes. The popularity of this release took everyone by surprise, including us. The quantity of these boxes we have available is limited and we're unfortunately not able to raise the capacity at this time. The work that goes into each Mystery Box campaign starts months, sometimes years before the actual campaign time and predicting demand can be very difficult. 

The increase in popularity of these boxes and the sport in general, combined with the difficulties of getting enough product due to the effects of Covid-19 has lead us to a situation where we're simply are not able to facilitate the overwhelming demand. Our apologies to everyone who were left out and congrats to those who were quick enough to score a box.

The 2nd Edition boxes will make their debut on Wednesday, July 8th and the 3rd and final Edition box sales will start on Wednesday, July 15th. We will not disclose the exact release times to ensure that the server capacity suffices once the products become available.

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As always, the Discmania Mystery Boxes include previously unreleased goodies, different editions and tons of sweet mystery plastic. The value of the contents of each box will be at least 150% compared to the box price.

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