Long-awaited restock of Discmania's Fanatic 2 backpacks now available!

Long-awaited restock of Discmania's Fanatic 2 backpacks now available!

InnovaStore crew on vacation Dec 24th thru Jan 6th

After a long years work, it’s time to unwind. This means that our warehouse and office are closed from December 23rd until January 6th. Orders placed by 12:00 on Monday, December 23rd, will be shipped before the holiday break. Orders placed after that will be shipped on Tuesday, January 7th onwards. All orders placed during our holiday break will be shipped by Friday, January 10th.

Questions about your order?

If you have a question about your order, send us an email and will get back to you as soon as we return to work on week 2. Please note that as there will be many to process and emails to reply, some contacts may take a couple of days to process.

We're offering an extended timeframe until January 15th for all orders placed during December. All contacts concerning reclamations, returns and other questions will be addressed starting from January 7th.

We aim to handle all possible return and exchange cases first thing when we’re back from the holidays. Please do not return any items during our time off, as we don’t have any staff on duty to receive any return shipments.

If you’ve received shipping confirmation from an order from us and have yet to receive it, you can use Posti’s shipment tracking to get updates on your order. If you have any questions on delivery times etc, we highly recommend you to contact Posti directly.

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