Check out our Top 20 bestsellers here!

Check out our Top 20 bestsellers here!

It's finally here - Choose the exact weight and colour for your disc!

During early 2017 we've separated our stock from the Innova Europe stock. This means that instead of non stock-based colour preferences, we are finally able to list our products based on exact colours. In addition to this, we've moved from weight classes to exact weights. With overmold discs you can choose the exact weight, rim colour and even the plate colour for your disc!

Please note that on the product pages, only the weight option is visible at first. Once the weight has been selected, a new drop down menu will appear, in which you can choose the colour.

With specialty discs you can also choose the stamp colour

We are proud to offer the biggest and best selection of specialty discs in Europe, maybe even the world. We want to make sure that the disc you purchase from us is just right for you, so we now offer all of our specialty discs based on exact weight, colour and stamp colour! The specialty disc selection at InnovaStore consists of the InnovaStore Specials -selection as well as all huk lab stamped discs.

Faster order processing

The renewal of our warehouse processes also makes order processing a whole lot faster on our end. For the customer this translates to faster order processing times. During the first few weeks of operating from the separated stock, we've been able to ship every order at latest on the next business day from the original order date. We're keeping a close eye on the order processing times and aim for a 98% next business day shipping rate for the whole year.

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