Long-awaited restock of Discmania's Fanatic 2 backpacks now available!

Long-awaited restock of Discmania's Fanatic 2 backpacks now available!

Looking to score a Mystery Box? Due to limited availability and a huge demand, it's fair to assume the boxes will sell out quickly. Based on the demand we've seen with previous releases, it's good to acknowledge that it will be less likely to be able to order a box than to miss out. Please see below for all the info you need for Wednesday's release and tips for a quicker order process.

Release time

The Discmania 3rd Edition Mystery Box release will not happen at midnight. The release will happen between 10:00 and 12:00 Finnish time (EEST) on Wednesday. We will not give out the exact release time to ensure a better checkout experience for all buyers. Some time prior to the release, our newsletter subscribers will receive a link to the category where the boxes will appear once the sales start. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. As opposed to last week's 2nd Edition release, all of the products will be visible for everyone once the sales start and purchasing them will not require clicking the specific link on the newsletter.

When the sales start, you'll find the products here. Before the products go live, the bottom part of the page will display text stating "That's a bogey for us. Unfortunately there's nothing to see here." Once the products sell out, the same text will re-appear. We'll do our best to update the information on the page when the products sell out.

Shopping cart

Please understand that adding a product to your cart does not create a reservation for the product, ie. even though it’s in your cart, other people can still buy it. This is a common practice in most online stores and will remain our default shopping cart logic due to key factors affecting the overall usability of our store. To ensure yourself a Mystery Box, please make sure to proceed to the payment portal and finalize your order as quickly as possible.

Tips for ensuring a swift checkout process

1) Create a customer account at our store, log in and make sure all of your information has been filled in on the checkout page prior to the release (including a pick-up point for your parcel and your order comment, if applicable).
2) If you plan to order other items while placing an order for the Mystery Box, make sure to fill your cart prior to the Mystery Box release. Please also understand that if a product in your cart has sold out, you need to manually remove it before you're able to proceed to checkout with your other products.
3) Make sure that you have sufficient balance on your payment method of choice. If you cancel your payment to add balance to your bank account / credit card / paypal, the items in your cart will be made available for other customers to purchase.

Mystery Box selection

There will be a small (59,90€) and a large (99,90€) version of the 3rd Edition Discmania Mystery Boxes available for purchase. It's possible we'll also be able to add a handful of 2nd Edition boxes and possibly Innova Only boxes available for this release, but we won't know that for certain before just prior to the release. The featured item of the 3rd Edition Boxes is an all-new Prototype disc from the Evolution line. There's one of them in both box sizes and the model in question is not PDGA approved.

Colour Glow C-line FD3 releases

Also happening on Wednesday is the European release of the Special Edition Colour Glow C-line FD3, with 3 different stamps. Contrary to the Mystery Box release, these releases will happen at midnight EEST. Due to limited staff, we unfortunately are not able to combine orders if you choose to place an order for the FD3's at midnight and a Mystery Box later in the day. However, it's worth noting that as opposed to the Mystery Boxes, we have a somewhat more healthy stock of the FD3's compared to the projected demand, meaning there's a fair chance there will be FD3's left at the time of the Mystery Box release. If you want to be extra sure not to miss out on the FD3's though, we highly recommend placing separate orders.

Mystery Box sales limits

The Mystery Box sales are limited to one box per type per order, ie. you can place an order that has multiple Mystery Boxes, but only one per box type.

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