Long-awaited BAG RESTOCK has arrived - See all bags here!

Long-awaited BAG RESTOCK has arrived - See all bags here!

Product availability in Covid-19 era

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a situation where the demand of disc golf products has gone up drastically (especially in the Nordics), while manufacturers are struggling to keep up the production due to shutdowns and regulations offsetting the production volumes. This has caused our suppliers to sell out on practically all pre-existing inventory, while restocks are few and far between.

With a multitude of stock models to restock and new releases to be produced, it's very likely that certain models will be sold out for several months before new production becomes available for retailers like us. This is the reason many popular models are out of our stock. This also means that while your favourite disc might be in stock now, it's very possible it sells out soon and new production may be months away. For this reason we highly recommend picking up what you need when there's availability, rather than waiting for a later time to make your purchase.

We also receive a lot of questions concerning when a certain product will be back in stock. Unfortunately considering the production situation, in most cases we simply have no idea. We're essentially buying everything we can and restocking constantly on everything that is available to bring as many products available as possible during this uncertain time. We try to do our best to give estimates on restocks when possible, but unfortunately oftentimes we simply don't know.

Shipping & delivery times affected by the pandemic

As for shipping/delivery times, the situation with parcel shipments to especially Southern Europe is unfortunately far from optimal at the moment. While our order processing times are fairly normal, 0-2 business days on average, many packages that are shipped especially to Southern Europe from our warehouse normally rely on passenger aircrafts as their main mean of transport between our country and yours. As due to the Covid-19 pandemic there's a lot fewer of these passenger flights in operation, the parcel shipments can get badly congested, resulting in a lot longer shipping times than usual.

The delays are most apparent on shipments to Southern Europe, the UK and Iceland. Some delays may occur on shipments to other countries as well, but as shipping to other Nordic countries (excl. Iceland), the Baltics and Central Europe mostly rely on a network of trucks, these delays tend to be far less substantial. We hope you take the possible longer shipping times in consideration when placing your order. Thank you for your patience and may your discs fly long and true!

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