More than 120 different Innova models in stock now - Check the selection!

More than 120 different Innova models in stock now - Check the selection!

Privacy Policy (Latest change 24.5.2018)

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General information about the privacy policy

InnovaStore respects the rights of its customers. With this privacy policy we want to give as clear information to our customers on how we use your personal data. By registering to InnovaStore, you accept this privacy policy. Information collected to the registry comes from our customers, usage of the webstore and analytics. We use this information ensure a good user experience. If you want more information about this, please contact our customer service. We would also like you to take the time to read more information about the EU General Data Protection Regulation:

Owner of the registry

Spin18 Oy
PL 25, 33731, Tampere, Finland
Business ID: 1723737-0

Contact information
+35810 231 2551

What data is collected?

Collection of data is based upon the information given by our customer. Data is collected from you, the customer, when you register to InnovaStore, when you place an order and when you are in contact with our customer service. Additionally our analytics collects information automatically when a customer uses our website. Examples of this information are the IP-address, web browser, session time and duration.

Information we collect on orders and registrations are the customer name, company, company ID, email address, post address, phone number, interests, purchase history, shipping information, messages from the customer, analytics about using the website, browsing data and also ID of the device.

How do we use the data?

The reason why personal data is collected is to ensure a great customer relationship, such as keeping a customer registry and order handling and archiving order history. This data is also used to solve any problems such as finding lost packages. This information can be used to improve InnovaStore's functions and statistical purposes. Personal data is only used within the boundaries set by the EU GDPR. Also keep in mind that InnovaStore can direct marketing and advertisement based on the personal data, through third parties. We only used trusted and reliable third party partners.

Protection and storage of personal data

Personal data is collected in a registry that requires access by personal login information. The registry is protected by firewalls and other technical means. The registry is located in a locked and guarded environment. Good personal data protection practices are followed in handling personal data.

Because of legislation and safety, some of the information is stored for a longer period of time. This information is related to bookkeeping and the responsibilities of liable e-commerce. Deleted personal data is impossible to return.

Personal data handlers

Only selected employees of the registry owners have access to registries that have personal data, these employees access the registry with their own personal user accounts. In case of development of InnovaStore or marketing, some trusted and liable third parties have access to personal data.

Customer rights

As our customer you have a right to access your personal data and require correction or deleting your personal data. Also you have a right to require restrictment of handling your personal data and a right to require the elimination of your personal data. You also have the right to ask for a copy of your personal data if for example you want to transfer your personal data to another registry. You can ask your personal data from our customer service, we’ll share your information with you within 30 business days. In case of possible privacy violation you have a right to appeal to supervisory authority.

Transfer of personal data to third parties

Some necessary data might be transferred to third parties. This is to ensure the delivery of your order and good quality of our marketing.

Personal data is also used in the purpose of analytics. We use browsing data with our partners so that we can offer your offers and information of our products. We only use trusted and liable partners. Also please note that if required, we transfer personal data to authorities.

Using of cookies

InnovaStore uses cookies. Cookies are small text files between the internet browser and server. Cookies have a defined expiration time after which the browser deletes them. Cookies are used in targeted marketing, analytics and functionality of the website. The tools that InnovaStore uses are created by Facebook and Google. Both of these tools uses cookies anonymously.

If you are interested, you can read more about Google Analytics here:

Changes to the privacy policy

Changes in legislation or the improvement of our services might cause changes to this privacy policy.

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