Discmania products have moved to Discmania Store Europe - Read more here!

Discmania products have moved to Discmania Store Europe - Read more here!

Discmania Lizotte Edition Mystery Box Release December 26th 2020

Update: The Mystery Boxes have sold out and there will be no further restocks for these products. Our apologies for the issues on the website caused by high traffic. The shipping starts on January 4th and it may take up to January 13th until every box will be shipped out of our warehouse. More info on our holiday break here ->


Discmania's world famous Mystery Boxes will return for one last go for 2020! This final edition comes in a black box and has been titled the Lizotte Edition. These boxes will be available in large (99,90€) size only and the contents of each box will have at least 150€ worth of retail value. Find useful information about the release below. When there's products available for purchase, the actual Mystery Box product can be found here and through the direct product page link we'll send out in a newsletter right before the release.

Release time

In an effort to minimize possible server issues with the release, we will not disclose the exact release time in advance. However, it's worth noting that this will not be a midnight release. The release will happen on Saturday, December 26th, and we'll send out a newsletter for our subscribers a little before the product goes live. You can subscribe to our newsletter here!

 It's possible that our newsletter ends up in the spam folder of your email client, or in the offers folder for Gmail users. Please make sure to keep an eye on these folders as well.
: Certain email clients may take a longer time processing the newsletter, resulting in a later delivery than others. Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for the arrival time of the newsletters. According to past experience, Gmail addresses tend to receive the newsletters very quickly after sending, while hotmail addresses for example, tend to receive the newsletters substantially slower.
If you subscribe after the newsletter has been sent, you won't receive the release newsletter this time around.

Purchase limits & release size

We cannot disclose the quantities, but to give you an idea of the volume, there's roughly the same amount of boxes available in this release as there was on the Red Edition release in late November. As the demand is once again expected to be massive, the purchase limit is one box per customer. If we detect multiple orders from a single customer, exceeding the purchase limits, the latter orders will be cancelled without contacting the customer first. There will be no exceptions to this.

Order processing time

Please understand that the shipping of these Mystery Boxes will not begin until January 4th and it may take up to Wednesday, January 13th before we'll be able to get all of the boxes shipped out of our warehouse. As it's expected that all of the Mystery Box orders come in somewhat simultaneously, we can't assure that orders will be processed in a particular order. We highly recommend anyone interested in ordering a box to mentally prepare themselves to the possibility that the box will not ship out prior to Wednesday, January 13th.

Customer service & order support

Please understand that this release happens with limited staff during a holiday time. Officially our entire staff is vacation from December 23rd until January 4th, but we'll have one or two pairs of hands on deck for this release to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you encounter problems with your order, please contact us via email asap, describing the issue and we'll do our best to look into it.

More information about our holiday break can be found here ->


As it is customary to Discmania Mystery Boxes, these goodies can only be purchased through us and Discmania.net in the US.

Shopping cart

Please note that the shopping cart does not create a reservation for the product, ie. while the product is in your cart, it can still be purchased by other customers. The best and only way to make sure you don't miss out on the products on your cart is to finalize the order quickly. Key things that help make the process faster are logging into your customer account and/or filling your customer info in advance (incl. possible gift cards / discount code). Also if you're planning to purchase other items besides the new release, we highly recommend to fill your cart in advance to save time once the new release becomes available.

Special requests

This release will be a super busy one for our limited staff. For this reason we unfortunately are not able to fulfill special requests like combining orders and switching product variations on orders already placed. Please also understand that the Mystery Boxes come pre-assembled, so we're not able to cater to any special requests concerning the Mystery Box content. If you're not ok with the idea of receiving a box full of completely random discs, this product may not be suitable for you.

Site performance

We are painfully aware that in some of 2020's high demand releases, there has been issues with the site performance under high traffic. Recently we've migrated our store to a new and more powerful server and optimized the store to handle high traffic better. However, there's no guarantees that these measures are enough to make releases like these smoother, when thousands of visitors are constantly refreshing the site simultaneously, exposing the servers to immense strain. 

The unfortunate reality for us is that we're operating in a closed system provided by our web shop platform provider and therefore we are not able to seek server solutions that scale up based on traffic volume. In the long term we can hopefully find better solutions for these high traffic releases, but within this year's timeline, there's really not much else we can do on the server side than what has already been done. If you'd like to avoid high blood pressure, we recommend considering to simply sit out the most popular releases.

Possible issues placing orders

It's good to understand in advance, that our priority is to provide products for those who are able to successfully make a payment and finalize the order. You know you've finalized your order correctly, when the payment has been charged and you receive an order confirmation email from us. To make sure the order gets verified on our end, please make sure to return to the store from the payment service. If due to technical or user error you're not able to return to the "thank you" page after making a successful payment, this places your order in a state of "limbo". These kinds of orders will be fulfilled also, but with a delay and may require some extra measures on our end. 

If you are unable to make the payment for whatever reason, we unfortunately cannot provide you the products. All customers that have made successful payments will receive their goods. If you're able to make the payment, but don't receive an order confirmation email from us, please check your spam folder first. If you can't find the confirmation email from the spam folder either, please email our customer service and provide a screenshot of the payment and the name & email address used on the order.

Product visibility

The Lizotte Edition Mystery Box product page will become visible on the Mystery Box page once the sales start. However, as delays can occur on the visibility of the product in product categories, the fastest way to access the product once the sales start is through a direct link that will be included in the newsletter we send out a little before the release. If/when the products sell out, they will no longer be visible in the product categories, but the product page can still be accessed through a direct link to the product page, at least for some time.

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