More than 120 different Innova models in stock now - Check the selection!

More than 120 different Innova models in stock now - Check the selection!

Innova has been the leading disc golf brand in the world for almost 30 years. Innova has developed the most significant inventions in disc golf, e.g. Eagle, Aviar, Roc, Star plastic, Blizzard plastic, DisCatcher to just name a few. Innova’s discs are still manufactured in California with methods that guarantee the quality and features of your gear that are also used by the top players in the world.

InnovaStore is an official webstore for Innova products, owned by Spin18 Ltd. InnovaStore is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide you with all of the available Innova’s disc models and a load of rarities. We want to give you the opportunity to get the exactly right disc for you, from the newest releases to those trusty classics, even if they’d be all ready out of production.

InnovaStore’s history goes back almost a decade: Finland’s first frisbee webstore,, was opened in 2003. Discs have been available for players via the internet since then. The first change turned into and since 2012 the store has been called

We provide you with professional service by InnovaStore’s staff. Most of us are your fellow disc golf enthusiast, which you can run into on disc golf courses and in social media.

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