Recently restocked: Grip EQ bags, Neo Origin & Neo Enigma!

Recently restocked: Grip EQ bags, Neo Origin & Neo Enigma!


Online shopping takes place according to Finnish legislation and regulations. The delivery terms apply to all orders within Finland and Sweden.

2§ Colour options, product pictures and stamp colours
We strive to always deliver the certain products in the specific colour and/or weight that they are ordered in. In case a certain product is out of stock we notify the customer of this by telephone or e-mail. The colours, dyes and stamps of ordered products may differ from the examples on our website. This should be kept in mind especially with dyed discs as all of them are individually dyed and the results may vary. The ”colour preference” option on product pages does not bind InnovaStore to deliver the exact colour as ordered. Slight variations in stamp quality may occur on disc products due to the stamping method used.

The ”colour preference” acts as a guideline which we strive to deliver if we have it in stock. If a particular colour is out of stock we deliver the product in as similar colour as possible. If the customer absolutely requires that an ordered item comes with a certain colour and there is only a colour preference -option on the product page of the particular product, this request must be added to the additional information -field before ordering. The best practice is to give 2-3 different colour options that are OK by the customer. In case there are none of the requested colours available, we always contact the customer via email or by telephone before shipping the order.

The product pictures used at InnovaStore are always for illustrative purposes only and the actual products don’t necessarily look the same as the product pictures. The stamps and the stamp colours of the discs will vary, unless stated otherwise in the product description. If you’re interested in a certain stamp or stamp colour, please contact our customer service before placing your order and ask for availability.

3§ Order pick-up
It is not possible to collect orders from our place of business. You can find the available shipping methods from here

4§ Delivery time
The delivery time to Sweden for products in stock is 4-5 business days. To some more remote locations shipping may take up to 10 business days. The delivery may take longer in times of congestion.

5§ Pricing, currency & tax
All prices are indicated in euros and they include taxes. The available payment methods are credit card, PayPal and Klarna invoice. With Klarna invoice, you make the payment in Swedish Crowns. The exchange rate is determined by Klarna. Cash on Delivery -option is only available inside Finland. More information about payment methods here.

6§ Shipping methods
Shipping and handling fees will be added to shipped orders. More information about delivery methods here. The fees for other than golf discs orders are determined by the current fees of Itella at the time of shipping. Cash on delivery orders (only available inside Finland) will be charged according to current fees of Itella at the time of shipping. The delivery method for orders over 20 kg in weight will be determined separately. We will contact the customer by telephone in these cases.

7§ Returns
The customer has the right to return their order within 14 days of receiving the product. All returns must be first agreed upon with our customer service via telephone or email. If the returning of the goods does not result from a manufacturing flaw or a mistake by InnovaStore, the client will be subject to cover the original shipping costs & return fee (same amount as the flat rate shipping fee to customer's location, see rates here). Approved returns will be either refunded to the customer directly to the customer’s bank account or in some other way agreed by both the customer and InnovaStore.

The customer has the right to exchange the purchased product to another product with the same price within 14 days of receiving the product. If the exchange is not caused by product flaw or mistake in shipping, the customer is subject to pay a return fee (same amount as the flat rate shipping fee to customer's location, see rates here). Flawed products and mistakes in shipping are always covered with no extra shipping cost to the customer.

8§ Data collection
The collection and handling of personal infomation. Please read our privacy policy.

9§ Applications of these terms
These terms apply to online store only.

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